Acquatic DNA Excellence

Utilizing the most stringent DNA purification technology available

Application of cutting-edge molecular & genomic techniques

Committed to protecting local habitats & our global environment


We specialize in molecular genetic techniques

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Wildlife disease diagnostics

Detection and control to save our species

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Nuisance species identification

Genetic results with confidence

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Environmental DNA detection

Powerful tools for detecting aquatic animals

Genetic Procedures

Strict biological testing for precision



Detection of invasive fungal pathogens by real-time PCR. This method allows us to quantitatively assess the presence of a number of important fungal pathogens in biological samples.


The amplification fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) technique is based on selective amplification of restriction fragments derived from digested genomic DNA.


Microsatellites are used in genetic linkage analysis/marker assisted selection to locate a gene or a mutation responsible for a given trait or disease.

Sanger Sequencing

The target DNA is copied many times, making fragments of different lengths. Fluorescent “chain terminator” nucleotides mark the ends of the fragments and allow the sequence to be determined..

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Additional Services

Pisces Molecular also offers the following custom services to our clients

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We offer testing of “pooled” swab samples – combining the swabs taken from multiple individual animals into one DNA preparation and one PCR test. This allows the screening of large numbers of animals across large populations or geographic areas at greatly reduced cost..
Sampling Kits
We offer field-ready swab sample collection kits for both individual samples and pooled samples. Using sample collection kits eliminates the need to locate and order the required tubes, ethanol, swabs and distilled water, and the labor of cutting swabs and dispensing alcohol. They are optimal for leak-free shipping and efficient sample processing.The tubes in the kit contain pre-measured 70% ethanol made with histological grade reagent alcohol and ultrapure deionized water.
Consulting & Presentations
Please call for more information. Previous work has included eDNA and PCR assay development, trainings in DNA and PCR detection methodologies, molecular genetics procedures for SMRT, aquatic nuiscance species identification, and quantitative PCR using a positive plasmid control.

The Team

Committed to protecting aquatic wildlife and their habitats

John Wood

Founder and President

Chief geneticist & Chief Scientist, Ph.D. in molecular genetics

Janet Epp

V.P. of Research

40 years research experience in pharmaceutical & biotech

Patrick Power

Senior Biologist

Lab manager for 14 years, avid mntn biker, bass guitarist

Fawn Goodberry

Asssociate Biologist

Outdoors enthusiast, supporter of conservation & the arts

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